BI Office is a complete BI platform for analyzes, presentations and reporting information. The basis for the solution involves linking two extreme values – providing for elegance, simplicity and easy operation, simultaneously with a refined tool for supporting complex inquiries, large data volumes for large user groups.

Everyone can have access to Business Intelligence and use the opportunities of the tools without knowing the language of inquiries to databases. 

More information on benefits from applying analytical-reporting solutions can be found on the website:  BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE

From the organisation’s point of view, it is very difficult to select an effective tool for analyzes and reporting. Moreover, recently, the Big Data phenomenon appeared, and various ways of defining it. The fundamental and key issue, however, is to process many data into specific information, and therefore – to provide the staff with access to such data.

According to Gartner research, 90% users have no access to analytical-reporting tools. More credible data mean better decisions in company management.

Pyramid Analytics solutions respond to such problems.The idea is to have one solution that supports all Business Intelligence needs.

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BI Office includes three major modules:

Data Discovery – used for creating analytical views in Analysis Services database

  • an easy to use BI tool with available analytics
  • rich and intuitive visualisations
  • data available for non-technical users

Dashboard – uses components to create interactive manager cockpits on the screen

  • no more static reports
  • ad hoc interactive analysis
  • access to the data from any place

Publisher – uses views and components to create dynamic reports

  • reduced costs of design and distribution
  • free report creation
  • reports triggered by events

Pyramid Analytics tools are an innovative approach of advanced data visualisation from multidimensional databases. BI Office is an innovative solution differentiating on the market, as confirmed by BARC BI Survey 13, who analysed 30 BI products and gathered over 3,000 questionnaires. Pyramid Analytics won in seven categories, while in six receiving the title of the leader.

More information on Pyramid Analytics can be found on the website: and channel: Pyramid Analytics