Microsoft Dynamics AX is a system dedicated to large and medium enterprises, with in-built functional extensions for the following sectors: production, services, retail and public administration.

The solution available in over 40 language versions provides for complex handling of the following business processes:

  • Production
  • Finance management
  • Supply chain management
  • Retail
  • Customer service
  • Human Resources management
  • Business data analysis and reporting


Microsoft Dynamics AX can be supplemented with Bonair’s proprietary solutions:

  • AX Honoraria 2012 – module for payroll settling and HR management
  • CasePro – system providing for document flow management and handling various case types

Microsoft Dynamics AX effectively supports company management by providing:

  • Integration and centralisation of the company’s business processes and management support at the strategic and operating levels
  • Quick information flow and access to complex information regarding various company areas owing to the integrated database updated in real time
  • Support of many entities within one solution (e.g. holdings or capital groups), operating on the national and international market, as well as in one location or multiple branch structure
  • Multi-currency and multi-language functionalities
  • Possibility of tailoring the system to the organisation’s needs owing to openness to integration with other applications and flexible parameter setting
  • Adjustment to national and international standards regarding finance and accountancy
  • Scalability to allow for simultaneous work of several and several hundred users
  • Easy and efficient work owing to intuitive user interface which resembles the generally known interface of the Microsoft Office suite

Major capacities of the new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX include:

  • Specialised functionalities for professional services sector
  • Full support of multi-channel sales
  • Support of process production and lean production
  • Adjustments for the public sector
  • Support of dispersed organisations (multiple branches, international range) within one central installation
  • Possible support of entire capital groups
  • Advance budgeting tool to allow for flexible modelling and budgeting process handling even in complex organisations
  • Graphic modelling of process flow
  • Redefined manager panels with over 30 roles defined, as occurring in organisations
  • Set of user-friendly interfaces for defined role types, tailored to specific user needs
  • Flexible tool for workflow management at the company
  • Standard reporting, ad hoc reporting, and analytical reports owing to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

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