AX Honoraria 2012 supports entire HR/accountancy processes in  Microsoft Dynamics AX system. Owing to full integration with other modules of Microsoft Dynamics AX, data are input at a single time – there is no need for creating additional interfaces.

The solution allows for efficient registration of HR data, working time and payroll, withholdings and costs. The module complies with legal regulations applicable in Poland and supports mandatory reporting in the HR/Payroll area.

Benefits from the solution:

  • Single input of data visible in various system areas
  • Flexibility of the solution allowing for adjustment to customer requirements
  • System parameter setting to allow for effective adjustment to changing regulations

AX Honoraria 2012 functionalities:

  • Personal files broken to currently employed and former employees or subcontractors
  • Records of absenteeism and working time – working time graphs, recording of absenteeism and working time
  • Support of loan granting to employees and loan repayment monitoring
  • Support of withholdings for alimony and bailiff seizures to the full extent specified by the law
  • Payroll calculation, with a possibility to account for specific company needs
  • Posting of disbursements integrated with the Main Ledger Module and generation of bank transfers for employees, to the Tax Office, Social Insurance Office and other suppliers (e.g. bailiffs)
  • Reports – set of defined HR and payroll reports, including a set of reports for Central Statistical Office statistics
  • Support of cooperation with Płatnik software
  • PIT tax return generation