Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a support system for the management of production processes which streamlines operating activities and process data analysis; the system is based on collection  of data in real time straight from manufacturing posts.

Bonair’s offer is based on MES solutions by GE Intelligent Platforms. The choosing of Proficy products guarantees the possibility to adjust implementation to a wide range of uses. All products allow for full configuration and adaptation to specific requirements of the client.

About MES

MES solutions streamline the manufacturing and operational management processes by collecting data in real time with the use of industrial automation components and with the participation of lines’ operators. The systems allow to obtain current information on the extent of execution of production, helping to take proper decisions on an ongoing basis and react to irregularities that occur during production process execution.

Areas where MES solutions can be used:

  • production process optimisation
  • efficiency-boosting programmes
  • plant-wide production process monitoring
  • identification of manufacturing areas which require improvement
  • coherent  production reporting on the whole production plant scale

Benefits from the solution:

  • improved OEE ratios
  • reduced downtime
  • reduction of losses
  • better quality of production
  • streamlined decision-making via visualisation of production status
  • possibility to store historic production data
  • ability to streamline systems for efficiency analysis and production management

Data collection and visualization:

Proficy Historian tool

It serves to efficiently and effectively collect and store production data. It has proved useful in most difficult situations connected with data management. It is easy to deploy and operate, scalable, fast and efficient and can be relied on in the most requiring applications.

Characteristics of the solution include:

  • reliable architecture of the system,
  • easy configuration and administration,
  • unrivalled output (100 000 writes and reads per second),
  • integration with performance analysis and production management systems.

Real Time Information Portal

It is a solution based on Internet technology. It integrates production systems, providing plant-wide communication and delivering analytical tools and visualisation techniques that are based on web technology.

The application provides:

  • versatile and shared reporting environment for applications that exist in the plant,
  • advanced methods of tracing of trends, graphic presentation and statistical analyses of data – online,
  • specific insight into the work of the whole enterprise; also, it allows to boost efficiency.

Operational management:

Proficy Plant Applications

For every production manager, the ability to monitor on an ongoing basis and fully understand all production events in real time is the key to obtaining the optimum performance of production lines. It is also important to take appropriate actions towards increasing production efficiency. Such capabilities are provided by Proficy Plant Applications by GE Intelligent Platforms.

The software package Plant Applications is made up of five main modules:

  • Wydajność – Efficiency

The module allows to make better use of the enterprise’s capital by utilizing comparative analyses that use data about efficiency of the whole process. Thanks to its ability to identify and monitor areas that require improvement, this module offers an ideal solution for managers who strive to increase production efficiency.

  • Jakość – Quality

The module helps improve the quality of the product, while allowing to markedly reduce the quantity of waste products and process loss.

  • Produkcja – Production

The module optimises production processes by allowing for specific insight into the product’s path in the process. It generates reports and facilitates making changes to scheduling in order to improve the utilization rates of any machines owned.

  • Analiza produkcji wsadowej – Batch Analysis

The module supports improvement of the general quality of production as well as better understanding and control of batch manufacturing. It contains tools that allow for detailed analyses, and it has interfaces to many batch management systems that exist on the market.

  • Raporty – Reporting

The module is responsible for generating plant-wide reports and summaries. It facilitates instant decision-making by helping find out the source of any problem. The use of a number of predefined or dedicated reports allows to save time and funds.

{slider Proficy DataMart}

The module broadens reporting capabilities of Plant Applications, enabling access to production data via Business Intelligence systems. Proficy DataMart allows to compare data on an enterprise-wide scale via operations typical of analytical cubes (data generalisation, data mining, multi-dimensional data analysis, interactive change of report layout).

{slider Proficy Scheduler}

The module is an interactive, graphic planning tool which allows to create efficient production schedules in real time. Such schedules are followed based on the capacity of resources and available means of production. Also, Proficy Scheduler allows to quickly plan production tasks. The module provides planners with the possibility to optimise the sequence of implemented orders; it also offsets the effect of disturbances caused by unplanned production and downtime.

{slider Proficy Workflow}

This module is a tool which enables dynamic decision-making. It integrates automatic and manual production processes on an enterprise-wide scale. Proficy Workflow is a BMP system which allows to handle information flow in the plant in electronic form.

{slider Proficy Open Enterprise}

The module provides bi-directional data communication between an ERP system and a MES system. It lets decision-makers utilize actual production data inflowing in real time. It also makes it possible for operators on production lines to increase efficiency through the use of business information.