Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics AX (CasePro) is a support and automation system for business processes such as: order management, purchase invoices approval or vacation requests.

CasePro application platform is a modern workflow BPM solution (Business Process Management) class, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX. The solution allows for simple process adjustment to the current business needs, definition new business processes by process owners, possibility of ongoing update of the business processes without stopping system operation and easy case monitoring. In the final process stage the document goes in the form of a corresponding decree to the ERP system - Microsoft Dynamics AX, which CasePro is integrated with.


Examples of application areas

Document workflow

  • purchase invoices
  • orders
  • requests
  • delegations

Case workflow

  • complaints
  • service requests
  • permits
  • giving opinions



  • cost reduction by work automation
  • risk reduction owing to standardised rules of document/case processing
  • an efficient flow of information within the company
  • full control and monitoring of all process steps
  • safety of the solution owing to the state-of-the-art technologies applied
  • convenient access to the system via a web browser
  • integration with external systems, built-in mechanisms for data exchange with Microsoft Dynamics AX