CasePro is a BPM (Business Process Management) solution providing for quick and fully controlled information and work flow among employees in the organisation.

Improved efficiency and quality of organisation’s operation is not achieved as a result of launching some inventive technical solutions, but through thorough changes to the organisation's operating methods, changes allowed by IT technologies. Principally, this means abandoning traditional, silo forms of organisation and turning to process management, and then selection of appropriate IT support. The process approach means execution of related activities, tasks, namely processes, which permeate through the organisational structure. Although each department or branch have their own objectives, they still participate in one process, e.g. customer handling. State-of-the-art BPM (Business Process Management) class solutions support business process handling by offering, apart from data processing automation, principally access to the solution from any place, at any time, in the service mode, thus linking the benefits from process management and the approach of their continuous improvement.

An example of such a BPM (Business Process Management) solution that effectively supports business processes in the service model is the CasePro platform developed by Bonair. The platform was made as a result of long experiences in the financial sector and in the industry, allows for simple process adjustment to the current business needs, definition of business processes by process owners, possibility of ongoing update of the business processes without stopping system operation, and for case execution and monitoring.

CasePro allows for effective management of document flow (e.g. orders, invoices, surveys, complaints, vacation applications, etc.) and for handling various types of cases (e.g. payment orders, staff recruitment, rights allocation, distribution of alert about extraordinary situation, handling marketing campaigns, etc.) at the company.

CasePro comprises the design layer – case definition – and executive layer – handling of specific cases (processes). The design layer assures the possibility of adjusting the solution to process handling according to the specificity of the organisation.
The executive layer is for users having various roles in the case handling process. The interface of the application is easy, intuitive, and functions in the web browser. The system also offers data registers, e-mail and forum. Users can comment on the cases handled and send messages.

The business logic of the system is managed by the administrator who allows for modifying the existing case flows, as well as dosing and parameter setting for new processes. Within parameter setting, the administrator defines the scope of data gathered in the case, and defines the workflow. Forms on screen and document printouts are defined using the Microsoft Office package, which guarantees easy learning of the tool.

Owing to CasePro, employees, partners and clients of the company get access to ordered and profiled information, while every participant to document flow process can see the status of his document/case, and the history of its processing. Persons in charge of work organisation have direct insight in case history, and can monitor staff efficiency, or detect “bottlenecks”. The system controls timely execution of a case, can send reminders, increase the priority, inform the superior, or redirect the case to another user.

Main benefits from process management:

  • Cost reduction by work automation
  • Process adjustment to the current business needs, business process definition by process owners
  • Possibility of continuous updates of business processes without stopping system operation
  • Risk mitigation owing to uniform rules for document/case handling
  • Full control and monitoring of all steps in the process, case status and handling status
  • Security of the solution owing to the application of state-of-the-art technologies
  • Standardisation of processes in the organisation

Main functional properties of CasePro include:

  • Easy access to the system via a web browser – possibility of working outside the office
  • Easy and quick input of new cases, modification and parameter setting for existing processes, without programmer work
  • Transparent data presentation owing to the application of dedicated views depending on case type
  • Mechanisms for integration with external systems
  • E-mail notification of selected users about particular events regarding cases
  • Case management acc. to roles and competencies
  • Automatic generation of relevant documents at the appropriate step in the process acc. to defined templates
  • Support of case attachments (document scans, other files of any type related to the case), possibility of integration with systems supporting scanners and OCR software
  • Friendly environment for generating printouts and forms owing to the integration of CasePro with Microsoft Office Word and InfoPath
  • Comfort of individual generation of advanced reports using a built-in reporting module